Corporate Relocation Services

Each member of the Kentwood Relocation Services team is carefully trained in all aspects of individual and corporate moves. We concentrate on the individual needs of each family and do all that we can to ensure that each family finds the right location and is happily settled in their new home. Kentwood Relocation Services is committed to providing the highest level of relocation services available, personalized for each transferee and their family. We will provide our transferees and their families with the most comprehensive, personalized service in our industry. We will strive to resolve their challenges and relocation issues in a caring and timely manner. We will always remember we are moving people who own possessions, not possessions attached to people.

A Brief Overview of Kentwood Relocation Services

A successful corporate recruiting and transfer program requires a substantial investment of a company's time, money, and energy. The task of convincing newly hired and transferring employees that a new job opportunity is appealing and challenging, and that the new location offers an attractive living environment can be difficult. Because of this, many businesses recognize that Kentwood Relocation Services can be a great benefit to their recruiting programs.

How does your business benefit from Kentwood Relocation Services?

  • Recruitment: Transferees are educated on the benefits and advantages offered by our community.
  • Morale: Reduced relocation stress results in happier, more productive employees.
  • Profit: Our services are available with little or no impact to your company's budget.

How do your employees benefit from Kentwood Relocation Services?

  • Information: An award-winning package containing necessary facts about the new city.
  • Flexibility: Your employees receive home-finding assistance whether buying or renting.
  • Service: Your employees receive personal attention catering to their individual needs.
  • Accessibility: Your employees will have access to our toll-free relocation information line.

What services can you expect to receive from Kentwood Relocation Services?

  • Transferee Counseling
  • Marketing Assistance Program
  • Complete Relocation Package w/ CD
  • Van Lines Coordination
  • Area Tours
  • Rental Assistance
  • Accompanying Partner Employment Assistance
  • Interim Housing Assistance
  • Home Finding
  • Mortgage Assistance

Please call us at 303-773-3399 or 888-621-7157 or click here to request more information about Kentwood Relocation Services. We look forward to welcoming your employees to "The Mile High City".

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