Chase Carpet Care

Chase Carpet Care Co. was started in January 1971 by Tom Chase. The Atkinson family started a competing firm in April 1974 and merged the two companies when purchasing Chase in June 1975. Both companies concentrated on providing the highest quality service from their inception. Education and technical expertise, along with a complete emphasis on providing what the clients want, when they want it - has always marked the Chase service experience.

Neil Atkinson joined IICRC early in his career. He has achieved the status of Certified Master Cleaning Technician, served on the Board of Directors of IICRC, and serves as Regional Supervisor to certified technicians in the Rocky Mountain region. In 1976 Atkinson got together with 10 other cleaners and formed the Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Association (now known as PACR) which now serves 7 states teaching technicians and business owners how to better serve the public.

Chase and PACR members clean the Ronald McDonald house yearly for free and provide free services to the public through various consumer advocates on radio and TV.

Chase purchased the first truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit in Colorado in 1976 and continues to use the most modern equipment and methods to provide the best cleaning possible. Education is ongoing with all lead technicians being certified and Chase technicians are qualified in all methods of cleaning and all fabrics.

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